Please contact the state examination office responsible for your course of studies in order to find out whether on-site examinations at JLU are being held or whether alternatives are offered. Please make sure that a person authorised to receive the delivery is available in your work area during the agreed time of delivery.In case that you have not yet filled in your telephone number on the respective forms, please get in touch with your suppliers and let them know about how to contact you. For questions and urgent problems please use the information hotline of the library system 0641 9914032 (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or contact the library by email via The same regulations apply to all assistants employed at JLU: If the tasks and processes cannot be fulfilled or carried out at home, you need to work at your workplace by strictly observing all hygiene measures. If you are interested and/or have any questions, please e-mail or Where can I find general information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2?General information on the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is provided in the FAQ on the website of Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Particularly in view of the dynamic development of the pandemic, it is urgently recommended to check in advance whether the event absolutely has to take place at the planned date or whether it can still be postponed. We recommend you to use a laptop/PC instead of your smartphone/tablet since some of the features will not be available if you are using a mobile device. You can either open Webex Meetings in your browser (preferably Firefox, since Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported), or download the app here. Access to the office is prohibited until a negative test result is available. when moving through the corridors in a building), in all rooms open to the public as well as in all event rooms and during events, you generally have to wear a mouth-and-nose mask. Students and employees from inner-German risk areas according to the RKI survey may take part in on-campus events or may come to their workplace at JLU while observing the usual distance and hygiene regulations. Access to buildings JLU buildings including JLU  sports facilities will remain closed to the public. These meetings should take place as face-to-face meetings as far as the general conditions at JLU allow. To help the public health department to trace possible chains of infection if necessary, address and telephone number must also be provided when booking. Barrierefreiheit JLU - Logo, Link zur Startseite der JLU-Gießen In accordance with the current corona contact and operating restrictions ordinance of the state of Hessen, participants of face-to-face events must indicate their name, address and telephone number since October 2020 to enable tracing possible infections. The Robert-Koch Institute (RKI) has adjusted its information on risk groups at increased risk of a serious course of disease. During the currently very precarious situation, the University Hospital Giessen (UKGM) is once again calling on students for their support in health care. Detailed information on how to proceed with the project management funded projects can be found here. General information about wikis. In which rooms can thesis defences / doctoral examination processes and habilitation procedures take place? • Please air your room regularly as described in the information on how to air rooms. To guarantee a working supply chain, please fill in your telephone number (business or mobile number) on the respective order form so that arrangements can be made on how and where exactly the goods are delivered that day. Unterhalb dieser oberen Leiste schliesst sich die Hauptnavigation an. The Senate decided on a comprehensive free attempt regulation for all examinations under supervision (such as written and oral exams) in its meeting on 15 July 2020. This particularly applies to teaching, examinations and admission courses, as well as to the use of study, computer and work rooms, and workplaces in libraries which are available to students outside of courses for their studies. If possible, electronic mail should be used primarily. That way, additional costs for unnecessary and unwanted returns can be avoided (also refer to the question “How can I receive deliveries of goods?”). Employees of the State of Hessen are expected not to undertake trips to states outside the Federal Republic of Germany if the Federal Government has not only issued a travel warning but has classified the destination as a risk area, and the trip is not urgent. You can access the relevant form here. The curfew applies both to the district and the city of Giessen (official decree of the district of Giessen). After making an appointment and briefly explaining your issues, you can also get in touch through online chat or video counselling: The. They will provide you with details on the application procedure. Reading rooms: Booking system for workspaces. This particularly applies to teaching, examinations and admission courses, as well as to the use of study, computer and work rooms, and work spaces in libraries. 16.00 pm Giessen and surroundings – our favourite spots and activities (Live), 19.00 pm Open Stage Session @Lokal International (Live). ), Studierenden Ankündigungen und Dateien auf komfortable und sichere Weise zur Verfügung zu stellen sowie Kommunikations- und Kooperationsprozesse zu unterstützen (Forum, Chat, Mail, Wiki-Web). Unterhalb der Hauptnavigation befindet sich der Inhaltsbereich. I am enrolled but do not yet have a chip card; can I still borrow books? STANLEY® Engineered Fastening has the world's most diverse portfolio of fastening products. later than) 16 March 2020 are extended for six weeks. In view of the continuing corona pandemic and the associated restrictions on the scientific community, the Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts has decreed the following: The total permissible duration of employment in a temporary civil servant position or in a fixed-term contract as a (qualification) professor ("tenure-track professorship") or junior professor can be extended by six months if a civil servant position or a fixed-term employment contract exists between 1 March 2020 and 30 September 2020. Therefore, we have prepared a suitable selection for you (see below). If special protective equipment is required for the internships (e.g. As in the University Library (UB) and Departmental Library for Law and Economics (ZRW), all reading places must be reserved in advance via the booking system. Due to the still very limited number of seats due to the corona, booking is only possible for members and relatives of JLU until further notice. I commute a long distance and start/end my commute between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. The district of Giessen points out that when using public transport, a missed bus, for example, does not legitimise a breach of the curfew. a not passed attempt (nicht bestanden), after 12 March 2020 will be counted once as an open attempt and will not be counted towards the number of possible examination attempts. Separate hygiene concepts are required, for example, for rooms that are not declared as lecture halls or seminar rooms in Stud.IP or are not listed in Stud.IP, and/or for events that require special personal contact. Sauer & Christiansen: Einsatz von Stud.IP an der JLU Gießen / am FB 07. eLearning- & Medientag an der JLU Gießen, 26. The medical certificate must confirm that in case of an infection with the corona virus SARS CoV-2 according to the criteria of the Robert Koch Institute, there is a risk of a serious course of disease due to the special disposition The costs of the medical certificate must be borne by the employees themselves. I must take care of a close relative in need of care because the day care facility was closed due to infection protection measures because of the corona virus or because the admission is not possible. Information for Students who Started the Programme in the Winter Term 2020, Notes on Accessibility | Legal Notice | Privacy Policy | • Please note that as of October 2, 2020, wearing masks (mouth and nose covers) is compulsory at universities by state ordinance. The information must also be immediately reported via email to the following two addresses: (Department C- Human Resources) and (Division B3 - Safety and Environment). A template is available for creating a hygiene concept. Students who cannot take part in an examination that lies within the responsibility of JLU due to illness must sign off in any case at the respective examinations office before the examination. If students did not take part in a state examination for physical or psychological reasons in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, their non-participation will not be registered as "examination not taken". Stud.IP. This only applies if you must take care of your own child under the age of 12 years because daycare centres, nurseries or schools are closed due to infection protection measures (coronavirus). vor rechter Kolumne mit zusaetzlichen Informationen For these examinations under the responsibility of JLU, the following applies: Any failed attempt, i.e. However, ahs has prepared digital sports classes, including the "JLU-Pausenexpress" in the winter semester 20201/21. However, mail is delivered to and collected from the areas and facilities at a reduced rate, but at least once per day. Even when you wear disposable gloves, you should make sure to wash your hands again after taking them off or after disposal. To use the video-ident procedure, you must register via the web form in advance. In the case of employees, consequences may arise under labour law. In this case, it is possible for the supervisor to fill in the form, print it out and scan it with the signature so that the employee can print out the signed form. Please note the information on specific protective measures when dealing with test persons: The delivering persons must then be picked up at the building-specific entrance or location and accompanied to the final delivery point; this also applies to the way back. From the 5th day onwards, a PCR test can be carried out and the quarantine can be terminated if the test result is negative. The Joint Committee of the German Research Foundation (DFG, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has decided to extend financial support for DFG-funded research work in view of the ongoing adverse effects of the corona virus pandemic. A cancellation can only be agreed to if your work performance is urgently required during the planned holiday period or in cases of particularly justified hardship. You receive the link with the access information by e-mail. Before undertaking any work at JLU, outside persons must be informed about and asked to always comply with the prescribed precautions regarding personal hygiene, i.e. vor Sie sind hier Please contact our information desk or our university archive for questions about archival records. A permanent mask obligation also applies to the learning room and the new single workspaces. No, the use of the meeting rooms is not allowed until further notice. The subject-specific libraries remain closed to the public until further notice. If suitable pandemic materials are to be procured in the event of a pandemic, the superior authority will direct this order. We kindly ask for your understanding. Information by the 'Unfallkasse Hessen' on insurance cover for helpers during the corona crisis. A certificate of incapacity to work is required if the incapacity takes more than three calendar days. Handing in your Bachelor’s or Master’s dissertation during the lockdown. Das mit dem Würfel habe ich gerade noch rechtzeitig geschafft, denn gleich geht sie los, die diesjährige Stud.IP-Tagung rund um die open source Lehrverwaltungsplattform, die auch an der JLU Gießen eingesetzt wird # Studip2020 If a quarantine and/or infection has been ordered / diagnosed, please report this to your supervisor(s) and also inform the Human Resources Department C – Human Resources and Division B3 - Safety and Environment by e-mail. Unter der Leitung von Professor Michael Frese arbeitet die Abteilung an internationalen Forschungsprojekten und kooperiert weltweit mit renomierten Universitäten und Professoren. - A closure of the institution in question during the period in question would not in any case occur because of school holidays/closing times. Further information on the possibility of applying for corona emergency measures for research projects that have already been extended in a cost-neutral manner as well as on the cost-neutral extension following corona emergency measures can be found here. The previous academic achievements, i.e. Barrierefreiheit | Impressum | Datenschutzerklärung | is responsible for the observance of hygiene measures and personal safety precautions. You will subsequently receive the signed documents by post. Communicate the data of the contact persons by e-mail to the public health department ( as well as to Department C – Human Resources ( and to Division B3 - Safety and Environment (. Here, the city of Giessen has set up an area with offers of help during the corona crisis. Persons who need to cooperate and work together for business, professional, official, educational or care-related reasons are thus allowed to have face-to-face meetings. The Stud.IP interface in the field test. The general availability of the necessary materials is currently very inconsistent. What if I cannot take part in an examination due to illness? You can find the corresponding letter from the Hessian Teachers' Academy here. The functions for borrowing should be available in the short term. The only exception to this is the study of veterinary medicine, where the number of resits / retake examinations is limited to two in accordance with § 17, section 1 of the veterinary regulations for registration (Tierärtze-Approbationsverordnung). Wearing mouth-and-nose covers does not invalidate the distance rules. In exceptional cases, a paid leave of absence can be granted beyond the previously permitted maximum of three working days. The same applies to participants in committee meetings. The certificate of incapacity must contain the expected period and must be handed in by the fourth day of absence. Please contact your health insurance company to find out whether they will cover the costs of a corona test. From the beginning of the seventh week, your salary is paid by the respective authority in accordance with the regular sick pay. Under the motto "Together - at a distance", JLU offers a virtual substitute for public events. You should do a technical test of Webex Meetings beforehand here. Depending on the country of origin and entry, specific conditions and regulations may have to be observed and the formal affiliation with JLU may have to be confirmed by a certificate of study or a host agreement. JLU does not cover the costs of corona tests. The person in charge of the attended face-to-face course or event during the respective period must be informed immediately. For events from 1 October 2020 onwards, you must observe special protective measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask. Information on BAföG (scholarship within German Federal Law on Training and Education Promotion), part-time jobs, scholarships, loans etc. Yet due to the dynamic pandemic development, JLU only approves those face-to-face events that are immediately related to studies and teaching. Will the scientific pre-examinations in physics take place? Cross-ventilation is ideal for this purpose as room air is quickly exchanged for fresh air through a draught between at least two opposite, wide open windows. Excursions in Germany can be approved in justified exceptional cases by the respective dean's office via the usual application procedure. Die Feinnavigation findet sich - sofern vorhanden - in der linken Spalte. In this case, the known contact persons from the respective areas will be informed immediately by email about the further procedure. The video-ident procedure is available for both collecting the password and for a password reset. If the first attempt or the compensatory examination was not passed, but the module examination was passed in total by means of grade adjustment, a repetition is possible though not necessary. Broschüre des HRZ der JLU Giessen - Einführung in die elektronischen Systeme - Ratgeber für das elektronische Studium - Leitfaden für Studienanfänger vertikale linke Navigationsleiste Das HRZ-Boot beim Drachenbootrennen 2007, Foto: Norbert Leipold FAQ, Anleitungen und Hilfe Stud.IP an der JLU Gießen. Please refer to the websites of the individual faculties to find out more. In some cases, planned events may have to be cancelled, which can result in cancellation costs. Es folgt die Suche. Access will be restricted to employees and authorised persons, such as examinees and students taking part in face-to-face courses also during the winter semester. Please also refer to the occupational health and safety information and to the information on how to air rooms. International students, doctoral students and researchers are generally able to (re-)enter Germany. Further information on financing your studies has been compiled by the student advisory service at JLU. 22.12.2020 15:20:19. It also applies to conferences organised by JLU at other locations. Considering the pandemic situation, student and academic assistants can work interdepartmentally if previously agreed upon with the respective supervisor. II (Zweigbibliothek im Phil. In order to be approved, an excursion must constitute a mandatory part of the coursework for which no digital alternative is possible. Due to the very dynamic development, further more concrete details and advice will be supplemented by circular emails. You must have it with you when travelling to the place of work at night or from the place of work to home during the duration of the curfew. This regulation applies to all conferences at JLU - regardless of whether JLU is the organiser or an external party. You can update you JLU chip card (student ID and season ticket for public transport) at various locations on campus (but currently not at the student affairs office as the building is still closed to the public). Your borrowing data can be transferred to your chip card later. Taking into account all hygiene and safety recommendations, a delivery as usual to the office or laboratory is possible. What should I do? As is generally the case with all cases of illness, inform your superior or your department as well. |, Information for Students who Started the Programme in 2020-2021, JLU - Logo, Link zur Startseite der JLU-Gießen, vor rechter Kolumne mit zusaetzlichen Informationen, Official welcome for (virtual) international students, Prof. Dr. Joybrato Mukherjee, President, Justus Liebig University Giessen (asynchronous), Campus Tour: click on “Contact” to find two videos on JLU campuses and the city of Giessen (asynchronous). The same regulations apply as for childcare (see above). During the following weeks, working in all JLU research, teaching and administrative areas must be ensured. The JustOS online shop is available to all employees within the JLU network. All business travellers must refrain from business trips to classified international risk areas. Stud.IP dient in erster Linie dazu administrativer Abläufe zu vereinfachen (Teilnehmerlisten, verteilen und einsammeln von Dokumenten, Durchführung von Evaluationen und Umfragen etc. • Please continue to pay close attention to your personal hygiene, especially with regard to regular, correct hand washing and the consistent observance of any coughing and sneezing etiquette. Orders should only be placed if an acceptance of the orders can be guaranteed. März 2020 in der jeweils gültigen Fassung, It is curently not possible to take online-based, synchronous examinations via online tests on ILIAS (or similar systems). I need the certificate at short notice, but I do not have the opportunity to obtain the original signature from my supervisor. Please make sure that your area is physically accessible to our suppliers and that a previous arrangement is made about the specific way of delivery. The delivery address remains the work address. We recommend scanning and then emailing the relevant documents. Studierendenwerk). A colleague will support you in finding a cost-effective procurement. The digital services and resources of the university library are fully available to JLU students and employees. Can the computers in the university library be used again? For civil servants, however, such a trip may have consequences under employment law if, as a result, they are unable to fulfil their basic obligation to resume their work in full after the end of the approved period of absence. You must also ensure that the official documents are not accessible when you leave the room either by locking the door, by keeping them under lock and key or, if you work with them on your computer, by using password protection. Als Abschluss der Seite findet sich die Brotkrumennavigation und im Fussbereich Links zu Barrierefreiheit, Impressum, Hilfe und das Login fuer Redakteure. They should comply with the hygiene regulations and should reduce social contacts as far as possible. The information must contain prename, surname, status at JLU (employee / student), affiliation (organisational unit) and duration of the quaratine (date of beginning and end). Fur-thermore, a combination of synchronous and asynchron-ous formats (e.g. Information on the application for rooms under pandemic conditions. International students, doctoral students and researchers at JLU can contact the International Office if they have individual questions and / or if they need further help at (0641 99-12137). Please also note our official regulations for university governing bodies of JLU, further information on how to air rooms, protective measures for face-to-face meetings and for appointment procedures. The IT Service Centre is working on restoring the affected systems. Further information on requesting certificates of enrolment and updating your JLU chip card (including a list of locations where you can update your chip cards). In der rechten Spalte finden Sie ueblicherweise Kontaktdaten. To ensure that your orders can be delivered and assembled, please state a telephone number (business or mobile number) on the order form provided so that you can agree with your deliverer on how to handle the delivery and assembly. Stud.IP mobil allows you to easily access your own Stud.IP. If you have further questions, please get in touch with your colleagues at the departmental section Procurement and Materials Management (Beschaffung und Materialwirtschaft) or send an email to Please send requests for specific literature to Departmental Library for Law and Economics (ZRW), Departmental Library for Natural and Life Sciences (ZNL), Departmental Library in the Zeughaus (ZHB). Education (k-MED) and Stud.IP of JLU was used. A corona test will then be arranged. If you make an appointment by telephone (0641 99-13100), you can pick up your password letter in person at a specially created window (Ausgabefenster) at the IT Service Centre (HRZ), Heinrich-Buff-Ring 44. State examinations may in prinicple be carried out at JLU in compliance with hygiene and safety regulations. ℹ️ receives about 10,800 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 33,886 in the world. We kindly ask that the time spent inside the buildings be kept as short as possible and that the distance regulations outside the buildings be strictly observed. As this is an order by the employer, you will still be paid your salary as long as you are on leave.I have been in close contact with an infected person. Applications for extensions must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources through the usual official channels as long as the regulation applies. The regulation applies to all examination attempts following 12 March 2020, i.e.